Farrah Abraham’s Second Sex Tape?

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Farrah Abraham’s Second Sex Tape?

Hide yo’ kids, and especially yo’ eyes! Farrah Abraham might be jumping back into bed and onto a computer screen near you.

That is right, Hollywood Life recently spoke with the Vivid Entertainment founder, Steven Hirsch, who originally bought Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom for a huge seven-figure sum, and he said that he is ready to make a sequel on the tape.

“We would love to, we would love to work with Farrah again,” Steven said. “The video continues to do exceptionally well! She really knows how to keep herself out there. The interest is there and we would love to do another tape.”

Well, we can agree that Farrah Abraham really knows how to put herself in the spotlight (and in front of a few black lights from time to time). But Farrah has said numerous times that she has no interest in shooting a second film.

The former Teen Mom star still claims that the original tape was created for her own private use, and that it was accidentally sent out into the world by her co-star, James Deen. Yeah, OK.

Personally our retinas have not recovered from Farrah Abraham’s first foray into the adult film industry, but it definitely gave her a spot on the map. We are just not sure that map leads to the best of places…

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