Harry Styles From One Direction Does Michael Jackson Dance Moves! (VIDEO!)

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Harry Styles From One Direction Does Michael Jackson Dance Moves! (VIDEO!)

One Direction played to a packed arena in Raleigh last night on the latest date of their world tour, and among the unscheduled events that kept their fans screaming, were also the band showing off their Michael Jackson dance moves!

In addition, the boys, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, were in a playful mood during the concert, and One Direction Updates on Twitter reported that Liam was spotted tweaking Niall’s ear as he sang his solo during “Loved You First”, and also flicking Zayn’s nose as he sang his part of “What Makes You Beautiful.”

And as if that was not enough larking about, Harry Styles apparently threw water and towels into the crowd last night, and when one fan threw a walkie talkie on the stage, all boys reportedly used it to chat to the surely delighted Directioners.

But their fans were in the mood for some teasing too, and apparently, when asked what was his favorite banner – among the thousands fans brought to the concert – Niall Horan said, “The one that says ‘You ruined my life!’”

However, it was also reported that the band’s security team also had to stop one ticket holder from going into the venue with her sign, with a sign text that reads, “I paid, get naked!”

But back to the main point, which is that during last night’s concert, the boys broke out and gave away their best Michael Jackson moves – and I have to say that Liam is  pretty amazing!

Watch The Video Here!


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