Justin Bieber Shoves Fan’s Phone In his Pants & Angers Hotel Manager! (VIDEO!)

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Justin Bieber Shoves Fan’s Phone In his Pants & Angers Hotel Manager! (VIDEO!)

You would be forgiven for even thinking that after the debacle of the ‘spit-gate’ earlier this week, Justin Bieber might have actually tried to keep a low profile, even after his rep denied that his protégé had spat on fans.

But evidently Justin Bieber did not give any further thought to how he behaves in public, given that he has sparked more controversy by putting a fan’s cellphone down in his pants!

The incident occurred while Justin Bieber was performing live in New Jersey this week, and having asked the members of the audience to “refrain” from throwing stuff onto his stage, Justin apparently decided to teach his fans a lesson when a mobile phone landed in front of him…

As you can see in the video below, Justin picks up the phone and then put it down his pants, where he left it while the crowd was screaming before he pulled the phone back out and threw it back into the audience.

Justin Bieber has also managed to upset the management of a hotel that he stayed in earlier this week by giving the hundreds of fans outside the code which allows them to connect to the establishment’s WiFi.

The Daily Star reports, “POP brat Justin Bieber left hotel bosses fuming when he handed out their wi-fi code to hundreds of fans.

“The 19-year-old let hordes of screaming girls nick the internet from New York’s five-star Langham Palace, Fifth Avenue.

“He also had pizzas sent down to the crowds but stayed securely indoors while they waited outside in the rain.”

Writing on Twitter, Justin Bieber remarked, “I got in trouble for the wifi code. Lol.”

Without any further ado, here is the video of the phone-meets-Bieber-danglies drama…

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