Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s New $11 Million dollar Bel Air Mansion (Photos!)

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's New $11 Million dollar Bel Air Mansion (Photos!)

Yesterday afternoon the world was introduced to the brand new Fresh Prince (or Princess) of Bel-Air. England has William and Kate, while America has Kim and Kanye. Following into William and Kate’s footsteps, “Kimye” spread the word that they were expecting their first child back in December, 2012. And just like their British opposites, Kim and Kanye’s royal offspring will be a Prince or Princess. Fittingly, Kim and Kanye just dropped $11 million dollars on a mind-boggling new mansion in Bel Air, California.

Most websites you will see today will just have the bare bones info and one photo of their new house under construction. Well, we just spent four hours digging through the recent Los Angeles real estate sales and property records to find all of the juicy details, and 14 awesome pictures ,of Kim and Kanye’s newest house that you simply wont find anywhere else…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are certainly taking the non-traditional relationship route. Most people start to date for a couple of years, get married, buy a house together, nest their for a while then have their first baby. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dated for what felt like a week, completely skipped marriage, got Kim pregnant and now they are buying a house together. And not just simply any house, an absolutely insane $11 million dollars Bel Air mansion. Kim and Kanye’s new address is located at 11790 SOUTHAMPTON Ct, Bel Air, CA 90077.

We do not feel bad exposing their new address because the mansion is located in the ultra-exclusive gated community Bel Air Crest that has only one entrance with 24 hour armed security guards. So good luck trying to party crash them if you had that in mind. The newly built 9,000 square foot house sits on a 37,000 square foot large lot that was originally designed by Ron Firestone and has never been occupied before. The house is two stories and features a total of five bedrooms, 6.5 baths, elevator, private basketball court, indoor bowling alley, full hair and makeup salon, wine cellar, infinity pool, tennis court, spa, outdoor pavilion and entertaining area. And if for some weird reason Kim and Kanye get bored or lonely at their giant mansion, the Bel Air Crest community features five private tennis courts, a putting green, club house and pool.

It is unclear whether or not the couple is splitting the massive costs of the mansion or if just one person is the primary owner, but considering that the couple has a combined net worth of $130 million dollars, spending $11 million dollars on a mansion is just a drop in the bucket. Assuming they might put 20% down ($2.2 million dollars) and financed the remaining $8.8 million dollars, their monthly mortgage will be $42,000 dollars! Add to that an annual property tax bill of $110,000 dollars, insurance, home owners association dues, upkeep etc and it’s likely that Kim and Kanye’s monthly nut will be around $60 – 70,000 dollars.

Holy sh*t!!

Kim Kadashian and Kanye West New House Photos:

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