Miley Cyrus Completely OWNED A Paparazzi After Pregnancy Question (VIDEO!)

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Miley Cryus Completely OWNED A Paparazzi After Pregnancy Question (VIDEO!)

Just when we started to think that the ‘new’ Miley Cyrus was getting annoying, she gives us all a reason to like her all over again.

In case you did not know, Miley Cyrus has come down with a bad case of laryngitis. The news became common knowledge after Miley was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills medical centre on Wednesday (June 19) holding on to her medical papers.

What we did not know about, however, was the brief encounter that she had with female paparazzo as she was leaving from her medical appointment, and believe us, it is really funny.

As Miley Cyrus is walking to her car, she is asked by one of the awaiting photographers whether she is pregnant, to which Miley Cyrus quickly replies: “No I am sick you f*cking b*tch.”

Hardly the wittiest or most inventive comeback even from her, but a really great and effective one nonetheless. Really, it is all about Miley’s delivery; coming immediately after she was asked whether she is pregnant. Clearly Miley isn’t in the mood for the photographers as she barges through them and climbs into her car, speeding off straight away. Just when we thought that Miley was becoming a little too unbearable, she manages to save it, so well done there!

Watch How Miley Cyrus Owns The Paparazzi In The Video Below:

Photo Source: Facebook / MileyCyrus

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