More Proof That Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Reunited

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More Proof That Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Reunited

All thanks to the Biebs posting one lil’ Instagram picture, the world is now back on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunion patrol. Thanks, Biebs. We feel that we have no other choice then to launch a full-on investigation into your ‘personal lives’. And so far, we have come up with three very solid pieces of evidence that Selena is Beliebing again.

Exhibit 1: Last Saturday, Bieber publicly showed a short-lived picture of him and a girl, who looks identical to Selena Gomez, getting pretty cozy with their faces, on the exact same day that Gomez was reportedly in Norway, where Justin was performing.

Exhibit 2: There is even more solid proof that Gomez is crawling right into Justin’s arms: a short video of Justin and a tiny young lady swiftly moving behind him in a hoodie (most presumably Gomez). We cannot see the face of the girl, but compounding this strange little display outside of Justin’s hotel, with Saturday’s accidental Instagram in the back of our minds, creates a pretty compelling case for the long-waited Jelena reunion.


Exhibit 3: While Gomez is pretty skilled at keeping her tweets to things about her career and the love for her mom. Justin loves himself a good two-word tweet that leaves all the room for assumable imagination. Over the last couple of days, Justin tweeted things like “Smiling” and “i see” directly followed by “all love.” He could of course be talking about eating candy and “smiling” about it. He could also have woken up from a incredible  nap just to “see” nothing but “all love” from his loyal Twitter fans. Or, he is starting to become a little sloppy on Twitter. It may be totally nutty, but we are going with the obvious interpretation that fuels up the romance rumors. Even if it is the kind of romance rumor that makes us want to curl up in a ball and just weep.

Selena! Is this who you really want to spend your vacation in Norway with? Or perhaps (fingers crossed) all his immoral behavior has been a simple reaction to his grief over losing the Gomez, and now that she somehow appears to be back in his life, he might go back to a time of no marijuana smoking, no neighbor-assaulting, no more complaining about lavish birthday parties and laws about illegal underage drinking, and certainly no more attempts to fight the paparazzi. Pretty please?

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