Rihanna hits a Fan Hard In The Face With Her Microphone (Video!)

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Rihanna hits a Fan Hard In The Face With Her Microphone (Video!)

Rihanna her bad-girl image has taken another twist, right in someones face. She has been caught on video, hitting a fan in the face, with her microphone(!!), at the Birmingham concert last Monday night.

In the grainy video, which was shot by a someone who was attending the concert of Rihanna, the “We Found Love” singer appears to be smashing an overzealous fan who had grabbed her arm and didn’t let go right after.

Monday’s concert was plagued by drama as Rihanna already was two hours late, following a night of partying with model and best pal, Cara Delevingne.

Rihanna is now in the middle of a Twitter storm with her fans that are expressing their outrage at her spontaneous reaction to the fan. “How can you hit a fan that was excited too see you? Do not go too the crowd if you don’t expect too be grabbed fans made you,” one user wrote.

About her lateness, one fan wrote on the social networking site: “Let’s play a game called ‘how late will Rihanna be’! Place your bets now using #RihannaNeedsAWatch.”

Rihanna is playing in Dublin on Friday night and her Irish fan-base are hoping for a less eventful (or painful) performance.

Watch How Rihanna Hits a Fan In The Face With Her Microphone:

Photo Source: Twitter

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