Taylor Swift And ‘Criminal Minds’ Star Matthew Gray Gubler Are Dating?

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Taylor Swift And 'Criminal Minds' Star Matthew Gray Gubler Are Dating?

Is Taylor Swift really having a secret romance the adorable Matthew Gray Gubler? Rumors have swirled about the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer and the cutie who plays the incredibly quirky Spencer Reid on the hit show Criminal Minds.

The two firstly met up at Taylor Swift’s home over the 4th of July and since then–well, who knows what happened?

According to a new report, the two stars have spent a lot of time together since Independence Day, but they are not yet an ‘exclusive’ couple.

A source said that scheduling is part of the problem the two have encountered.

“They have a distance and different schedules to worry about,” the source explained, “so he is looking out for his feelings and hers and treading lightly.”

The source is also quick in pointing out that Taylor Swift is likely a bit more invested in the relationship thus far than Gubler is at the moment.

“They are definitely going to try to hang out this next week or two as she is in Los Angeles for her tour,” the source continued. “We will see how sparks fly from there. The potential is great but we will see.”

Do you think that Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler make a good couple?

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